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2008/06/30 Mon


1941 Rusher Kimura [Hokkaido]

Title Changes

1970 Masked Killer & Masked Marie defeat Aiko Kyo & Yoshiko Miyamoto in Kawasaki to win AGWA International Tag Team Title.

1971 Because of the merge of AGWA by WWWA, AGWA International Tag Team champions Jumbo Miyamoto & Aiko Kyo are awarded WWWA World Tag Team Title as the first champions but give up the belts on same day after being unsatisfied with a match against Patty O'Hara & Texas Red.


1996 An interpromotional card Rikidozan Memorial is held at Yokohama Arena. 15 organizations are involved on the card but show the gap between major league organizations and independent promotions.

2009 Yoshi Tatsu, a former New Japan wrestler Naofumi Yamamoto, debuts on a WWE brand, ECW.

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